Panthers Shut Out Of PFF’s Top 101 List

The Panthers have posted their first shut out of 2022.

On Tuesday, Pro Football Focus released their annual Top 101 List – a full ranking of their top 101 graded players of the season – and the Panthers were one of six teams to not have a player make the cut.

The popular sports analytics company is widely cited as a resource for player evaluation, as their data collectors watch every single play of every single NFL player, charting and grading their performance on each play. This is a major reason why PFF is considered a more reliable player appraisal system than Pro Bowl selections, where players are voted in, mostly on the strength of hype or word of mouth.

It checks out. The Super Bowl Champion Rams tied for the league lead with seven players on the list. The Packers, who finished with the best regular season record, also had seven.

The other teams to throw up a goose egg include Jacksonville, Houston, the Jets, Denver, and Arizona. Of these teams, only the Cardinals finished above .500.

For the full list, click the link below:


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